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Client Testimonials


"I had been debating for quite some time of having something done about my aging and wrinkling skin. I am 50 years old, a sun-worshipper and smoker. Needless to say, my skin has been through alot. After much hesitation and anxiety, I finally made the appointment with Dr. Andrew Jackson who practices in Didsbury, Alberta.Upon meeting with Dr. Jackson, my fears and anxiety diminished immediately.

His fun, easy going and energetic nature quickly calmed any fears I had. Dr. Jackson knew exactly what procedures were needed to accomplish the results I was looking for. After only two visits, my results were dramatic. I am so pleased with Dr. Jackson and his artistic ability to foresee an outcome even before the procedure. I am totally happy with my new face and highly recommend him if you are considering any cosmetic procedures."



"I am a 37 year old mother of 4... and I am also a worrier. My forehead definitely reflects the time I have spent with my eyebrows raised and my forehead crinkled... yuck. I also have some laugh lines because I am a big smiler (hey- at least I am balanced??!) Last year, after loads of research, I decided to see Dr. Jackson in Didsbury for Botox. I felt comfortable with his experience and training, and his bedside manner is excellent.

Since then I have had 4 treatments - and it has been life changing! There was no pain, and each treatment lasted about 4 months. The outcome - my worry lines are GONE! Even when the botox is wearing off, they have faded into nearly non-existence. AND - the added bonus - is that I seem to have been worrying LESS because my face can't make that "emotion". Seriously. You know how they say that if you smile you feel happy, while I guess it works for when you don't look worried.. you don't FEEL worried.

At least that's what happened to me. Surreal. I find that it is an investment in my emotional health, as well as in my self esteem - not to mention that it can prevent wrinkles in the future. Anyway, I truly believe that if used in moderation (Dr. Jackson is excellent at making me look natural- not stunned!) Botox is a fantastic way to look and - literally - FEEL better."

MJ, age 37